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PROUT stands for Progressive Utilization Theory - a theory propounded in 1959 by the Indian philosopher Shrii Prabhat Ranjan Sarkar. PROUT is a comprehensive, socio-economic system that recognizes the physical, mental and spiritual dimensions of human nature. PROUT provides a blueprint for the holistic development of a truly progressive society.

September 03, 2006

Sadvipra boards

By Shrii P.R. Sarkar

Baba112.jpgOn several occasions I have said that sadvipras are those who follow the principles of yama and niyama -- the principles of spiritual morality -- and are devoted to the Supreme Consciousness. People will recognize sadvipras by their exemplary conduct, selfless service, dutifulness and moral integrity. Only sadvipras can serve all human beings selflessly and lead others along the path of all-round advancement. These sadvipras -- those who follow a correct philosophy of life and practice a correct system of spiritual practices (sa'dhana') -- will be the leaders of the society in the future. Today democracy is the most preferred system of government throughout the world, but democracy is not an ideal system because it is full of loopholes. Intelligent people have already started working to overcome these shortcomings. In the present world Prout supports restricted democracy, because in the future a better system of government will be evolved.

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The Revolutionary Surge in Oaxaca

"In his year and a half in office since December 1, 2005, Ulises had succeeded in generating a powder keg of hatred across the state towards him because of his tyrannical rule."

"APPO's deliberately broad representation evidently excluded any explicitly political groups, i.e. it was to be a "non-political" formation, truly a peoples' government."

From Teachers' Strike Towards Dual Power

By George Salzman; Oaxaca, Mexico

Oaxaca shares, with Chiapas and Guerrero, the distinction of being the one of the three poorest states of Mexico. These three bastions of extreme poverty, albeit among the richest states of Mexico in natural resources, lie along the Pacific coastline in southeastern Mexico. Oaxaca is flanked to its east by Chiapas and to its west by Guerrero. Its population, about 3.5 million (2003 estimate), is unique among Mexican states in containing the largest fraction, 2/3, and the largest absolute number of people with indigenous ancestry.

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September 02, 2006

Israelis invent hydrogen car that uses just a tank of water

Israelis invent hydrogen car that uses just a tank of water. Scientists at the Weizmann Institute of Science in Rehovot, Israel, have devised a scheme that gets round the problem of dangerous and expensive hydrogen infrastructure, and makes possible 100% green cars that emit only water from their tailpipe. By reacting water with the element boron, their system produces hydrogen that can be burnt in an internal combustion engine or fed to a fuel cell to generate electricity. The only by-product is boron oxide, which can be removed from the car, turned back into boron, and used again. What's more, they plan to do this in a solar-powered plant that is completely emission-free.

Full Article: A fuel tank full of water

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Hizbullah presents: How to recruit children

Alongside weapons, rockets and explosives found by IDF soldiers in southern Lebanon, troops also discover booklets containing questions for children on terror group, its struggle. Goal: Conveying messages to youth, who will later become organization's future terrorists

By Roee Nahmias, Published: 08.31.06, 00:25

Do you know who is "the most senior Lebanese prisoner jailed in the Israeli enemy's prisons"? And where did the aircraft of "the Zionist enemy" assassinate Sheikh Abbas Mussawi (who served as the Hizbullah secretary-general before Hassan Nasrallah ), his wife and his toddler son?

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August 30, 2006

Proletarian revolution and post-capitalist society

By Shrii P.R. Sarkar

Baba1.jpg"Sadvipras shall work for the good of all countries, for the all- round emancipation of all humanity."

The inevitable consequence of capitalist exploitation is proletariat revolution. When capitalists, maddened with excessive greed, lose their common sense completely and bid farewell to humanism totally, it is time for proletariat revolution to burst forth. But it will be futile to expect it just because of the ripe time. For this, conditions relating to place and person are also largely responsible.

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Norway Breaking the 'Oil Curse'

By Tarjei Kidd Olsen

Editor's note: While some countries make war, Norway is setting an international moral example of how both to utilize natural resources to benefit all its citizens and to assist other countries in doing the same.

"Norway, which began producing oil in 1971, has been remarkably successful at harnessing profits to help build one of the world's wealthiest and most equitable societies."

"We want to support these democratic revolutions [in Latin America] because we believe they will enhance development and bring marginalised power structures into government."

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Revealed: world's oldest computer

Helena Smith
Sunday August 20, 2006
The Observer

It looks like a heap of rubbish, feels like flaky pastry and has been linked to aliens. For decades, scientists have puzzled over the complex collection of cogs, wheels and dials seen as the most sophisticated object from antiquity, writes Helena Smith. But 102 years after the discovery of the calcium-encrusted bronze mechanism on the ocean floor, hidden inscriptions show that it is the world's oldest computer, used to map the motions of the sun, moon and planets.

Full Article: Revealed: world's oldest computer

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Mexico Piquetero

By Claudio Albertani

"The first objective is, indeed, to fight poverty, this monstrous inequality in a country where next to Carlos Slim - a phone company tycoon and third on the Forbes list of the richest people in the world - millions of people survive in abject poverty."

"Nobody is Paying Us. We Came to Defend Democracy"

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Berlin exhibition stirs painful memories

Exhibition portrays what today would be called the ethnic cleansing of Germans, Armenians and other Europeans

"It's probably not well-known outside Germany that at the end of World War ll, around 12 million Germans had to leave their homes in the former eastern German provinces and elsewhere."

By Tristana Moore; BBC News, Berlin

Even before it opened its doors, the exhibition "Forced Paths" attracted a lot of controversy in the German and Polish media.

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August 29, 2006

Hamas figure slams Gaza 'anarchy'

The Gaza Strip is in the grip of anarchy and gaza.jpg
Palestinians must stop blaming Israel for all their problems, a senior Hamas figure has said.

Ghazi Hamad, chief spokesman for the Hamas government, said the hope that followed Israel's pull-out last year had been replaced with "a nightmare".

Gaza is at the mercy of thugs, he said, and pleaded for an end to deadly clan rivalries. "Let Gaza breathe," he said.

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August 25, 2006

Differences Between India and China


By Shrii P. R. Sarkar

Recently, a particular group of politicians raised the slogan of "agricultural revolution" to solve the problem. They wanted to solve India's agricultural problems by following the example of China. However, there are vast differences between the agricultural problems confronted by India and those confronted by China. The problems of India can never be solved by following the policies of China.

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Parecon and France

Editor's note: The Progressive Utilization Theory is in part a theory of participatory economy ("parecon"). Even though the theory of participatory economy given below differs on significant points from Prout, it is well worth reading both for its intellectually liberating points and in order to learn how to think in ways not conditioned by theories of the free market and unlimited private accumulation of wealth.

"Markets don't in fact just give us what we want. Often, rather, we learn to want what they give us. More, they pit actors against one another and in doing so call forth anti social motivations and behavior."

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An Interview with Noam Chomsky on Lebanon

Editor's note: Noam Chomsky is a prominent American leftist who teaches at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in the United States and has published numerous books and articles on linguistics, politics, and other subjects.

The U.S. and Israel have become rogue nations, defiant of the rights of others and world opinion. If constructed slowly and properly, a world government may be the necessary outcome some day to prevent this kind of aggression, arrogance, and violation of human values.

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Guatemalan Genocide and US Security

"The many failures to prosecute perpetrators suggest that violence with impunity is still the order of the land in Guatemala."

Banking on Violence?

By Barbara Rose Johnston

On July 7, 2006, Spanish National Court Judge Santiago Pedraz issued an international arrest order for two former Guatemalan military dictators, Efrain Rios Montt and Oscar Humberto Mejia Victores, along with five others accused of genocide and other crimes against humanity during Guatemala's civil war.

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Understanding the AIDS industry

Editor's note: Please see "Revolt Against the HIV Doctrine" at http://www.proutist-universal.org/archives/000720.html for more on the HIV-AIDS scam.

AIDS: handicapped by politics or nothing more than politics?

AIDS "activists have fought furiously against the idea that AIDS targets those who engage in selective behaviours."

"Former U.S. President Bill Clinton told conference attendees that "It's difficult to imagine how the world can grow unless we tackle AIDS." In fact world population growth is fastest in areas hardest hit by AIDS. Japan, conversely, has almost no AIDS cases yet its population has stopped growing."

By Michael Fumento

National Post ; Thursday, August 17, 2006

Calls for prevention highlighted the opening day of the 16th International AIDS Conference in Toronto on Sunday. Alas, it's too late. On the same day, one of America's two most influential newspapers, the Washington Post, carried a photo on its front page depicting a man wearing a T-shirt reading: "We all have AIDS." Toss out those condoms; forget abstinence, and don't bother getting tested. Or what part of "all" don't you understand?

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